Help a Hoofed Hero

May 16, 2018

Help a Hoofed Hero is a unique opportunity offered by FTEA that allows individuals to personally support a horse that helps to make Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities possible. FTEA could not have attained its current success without generous donors and exceptional horses.

While the FTEA herd of specially trained horses represents many differenhh1t personalities and backgrounds, all of the horses have one thing in common: each shares an unwavering dedication to the participants of Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities. Help a Hoofed Hero welcomes the community to share this same commitment to FTEA.

FTEA horses require daily rations of hay and grain, periodic hoof care, veterinary care, and intensive training to keep them in good condition and fit for their very important job.

Through the financial generosity of the community, FTEA is able to provide for these inspiring horses. To meet the herd and select one or more horses to support, click here. Call us at 630-588-8543 after you have made your choice. Let us know how much you can share with the horse(s), and we will give you all the details.

On behalf of the herd, thank you for your support.